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    General sky - solar system and constellations

    Jupiter Venus Crescent Moon 1 day past new Neptune Phoenixville, PA  Feb 21, 2023 - Jeff Cunningham  Saturn Capricornus Microscopium Sagittarius Corona Australis at Sand Beach, Acadia National Park Oct 3, 2023 - Jeff Cunningham  Gemini Auriga Pleiades Uranus Taurus Orion December 8, 2023 - Jeff Cunningham  Crescent moon (4 days past new moon) above Hermon, ME  Dec 16, 2023 - Jeff Cunningham  Sun with sunspots above Hermon, ME  Jan 23, 2024 - Jeff Cunningham

    Comets and meteors

    Comet C2022 E3 ZTF  Phoenixville, PA  Jan 27, 2023 - Jeff Cunningham  Comet C2023 P1 Nishimura above Hermon, ME  Aug 28, 2023 - Jeff Cunningham  Sirius, Canis Minor, Pleiades, Taurus, Geminid meteor and Orion above Hermon, ME  Dec 14, 2023 - Jeff Cunningham

    Deep sky objects

    Andromeda with M110 and M32 galaxies above Hermon, ME  Sep 14, 2023 - Jeff Cunningham  Orion nebula M42 above Hermon, ME  Feb 3, 2024 - Jeff Cunningham  Flame & Horsehead nebula IC434 above Hermon, ME  Feb 4, 2024 - Jeff Cunningham  Rosette Nebula NGC2244 in Winter Harbor, ME  Feb 8, 2024 - Tim Cushman