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Gallery of
Events and Observations
Recorded by PVSG members

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In October 2008 PVSG won a raffle on the Night Sky Network- a Mars globe. Members and Mars

Doodles in Space-s-s-s-s- From the collection of student works given to Roland Cormier. This is your moment of Zen. (Click to be transported.)

A sneak preview of Wade's photo-to-share when the showdown comes...
April 14 '07 Star party at Glenburn drew 19 diners and a few star gazers.
During 3 hours of clear skies scheduled for the evening, DC, Bill, Alan, Mike, Melanie enjoyed these views !!!

Alien eyes was actually a dual projection of the gibbous moon through Wade Smith's Oberwerk binoculars onto a piece of paper.

January 2007

Low temperatures were found by this sharp-eyed couple at the Hampden site of our bonfire pot-luck January 20th, 2007.

Due to frost, they were unable to locate any bonfire.

See past year fires below


Spotted at Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia - A clock overlooking an outdoor cafe with a planisphere built into the face. Check the close-up and note the celestial pole of choice in this part of the world.

Wade explained this image of his from May 2006.

The Moon is "balanced on a wire" elevated by its slim phase and the repelling force of earthshine.

Mars, Moon, Hyades & Pleiades by Wade Smith

"You will notice the moon "burned out"- as it was less than quarter when this photo was taken- that was due to the fact it was a 16 sec exposure at f3.6 and ISO 400 using a fixed
tripod mounted Kodak DX 7590 digital camera at max optical zoom. I cropped the original photo.." WS


Sun pillar

Wade Smith

Lunar Eclipse October 27, 2004 by Wade Smith

Click for full sequence
(113K byte jpg file)


Venus transit June 8, 2004 by Wade Smith. 5:39am from Westfield, Maine

  • Lat 46deg-34min-23.31secNorth
  • Long 67deg-58min-35.46secWest

Photographed at prime focus of a Tasco 50mm refractor hand held with no filter.


Also available is a movie slide show of Wade's entire series. This is encoded in Windows Media File format. Note this is a large file for download 849Kbytes. Maine Transit of Venus



Bill mugs the camera while Wade discovers things look

A LOT bigger when you look through THIS end!        


Members gather to celebrate Julie Burgess's coming bundle of joy but she begs off to spend time at the maternity ward!


Venus transit June 8, 2004 by Wade Smith. 6:00am from Westfield, Maine

  • Lat 46deg-34min-23.31secNorth
  • Long 67deg-58min-35.46secWest

Photographed at prime focus with Orion 127 Maksutov scope and solar filter.

Comet NEAT May 19, 2004 by Wade Smith. Olympus OM-10 using Kodak Max400 and 50mm lens at f2.8.

This year's bonfire at Wade's house was the largest ever and club members kept warm even at great distance from the flames.

Pictures courtesy of Carolyn Vose



The moon was the only celestial object that could compete with the bonfire's magnitude!
Aurora at Wade Smith's house as seen looking easterly to near zenith.All three images were taken w/ Olympus
OM10/28mm f2.5/about 2min exposure/ Kodak 800 Max film.
Only about 30 sec. exposure. Moon in the picture is very bright.Note the bonfire fuel in foreground.
Last of Wade's images

The same night in October the aurora hovers above the ENE horizon as seen from Davenport's house. This is a composite of digital images from the Nikon Coolpix 950 taken at 8 sec, ISO 400.

Notice Dipper handle in green curtain 1/3 of the distance from left edge.



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